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See how organisations can calculate the socio-economic impact of their loneliness interventions with Loneliness In Numbers
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Calculating the socio-economic impact of loneliness interventions

Loneliness is a growing problem in Denmark, and is associated with a societal cost of around DKK 193 billion. DKK annually, in the form of increased healthcare costs, higher unemployment, increased number of sick days and reduced well-being

Therefore, Copenhagen Economics, Economists Without Borders and Impactly have launched Loneliness in Numbers.

Loneliness in Numbers is a free tool that helps organisations calculate the socio-economic impact of their interventions against loneliness.

"If we are to end loneliness, there is a need for user-friendly tools that can showcase the socio-economic value of loneliness interventions,"
Johan Dubert, CEO and Founder of Impactly

Loneliness in Numbers receives values from Open Social Value Bank, which puts numbers on the socio-economic value of increased well-being. Both Economists Without Borders and Impactly are also part of Open Social Value Bank.

Read more about our contribution to Open Social Value Bank

At Impactly, we believe that we should be able to put a monetary value on the social change in a person's life satisfaction that results from a social change, such as going from being very lonely to not being lonely.

With Loneliness in Numbers, we aim to make it easier for organisations to put precise numbers on the socio-economic benefits of loneliness interventions.

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