Photo of a worried teenager looking down. Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash.
Denmark's first national strategy against loneliness
June 21, 2023

Around 600,000 Danes feel lonely – that is far, far too many. That's why Impactly is involved in the fight against loneliness!

Today, 115 members of the National Partnership against Loneliness - including Impactly - launched Denmark's first national strategy against loneliness.

Every year, Denmark spends many billions of kroner on social initiatives. But we do not always know how they work and what value they create for people and for society. At Impactly, we would like to provide data on impact, so that we can gain greater insight into which social efforts create the most lasting change and thus impact for citizens and society.

With our participation in the National Partnership against Loneliness, we make ourselves available to the other organizations if they want input and help to clarify the changes they create for lonely citizens.

We have already launched the website EnsomhediTal  that allows organisations to calculate the socio-economic impact of your loneliness intervention. EnsomhediTal is a collaboration with Copenhagen Economics and Economists Without Borders.

We look forward to further cooperation, and especially thank Røde Kors and Ældre Sagen for their great work!

Impactly co-launches the first national strategy in Denmark against loneliness, alongside Røde Kors (Red Cross in Denmark) and Ældre Sagen, where Impactly's role would be to provide data on impact.
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