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Building the infrastructure for Denmark’s first social value bank

Sleeping well at night, trusting others and being part of a community are all factors that affect people's well-being and life satisfaction. It is just all too rare that these kinds of soft values are allowed to count in the big socio-economic calculations.

Open Social Value Bank aim at changing that, because even if an investment in social change does not directly affect the bottom line, it still holds a societal value.

"We believe that well-being values and social values will become an important part of our welfare society in the future,"
Johan Dubert, CEO and Founder of Impactly

With Open Social Value Bank, organisations can calculate the economic value of social changes, such as reducing stress or loneliness, so that they can be included in socio-economic analyzes and calculation models.

The methodology behind OSVB is based on international research and experience from countries such as the UK and New Zealand. The core methodology being subjective wellbeing valuation, which is based on life satisfaction (WELLBYs).

At Impactly, we believe that the introduction and application of social values necessitates a user-friendly and easily accessible website and value bank. Therefore, we are proud to be the chosen partner to ensure exactly that for Open Social Value Bank.

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Open Social Value Bank consists of decision-makers and experts from foundations, the private, public and academic sectors.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Economists Without Borders, University of Copenhagen, Rambøll Management Consulting, and Impactly.

The project is supported by Trygfonden and Rambøll Foundation.

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