Report your social impact  with seamless simplicity

Utilize your outcome data for SROI analysis to demonstrate the value of your intervention, and showcase how your intervention impacts public stakeholders
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We prioritise the security of our clients' data. We handle and process data on their behalf, adhering to a strict data processing agreement, and ensuring compliance with applicable and relevant requirements.

Calculate the Social Return on Investment of your intervention

Showcase your impact to investors and stakeholders with an SROI analysis that tangibly shows the socio-economic value for people and society.
Social Impact with Impactly
Social Impact with Impactly

WELLBY reporting

Showcase how the outcomes of your intervention improve the citizens' overall life satisfaction using WELLBYs and the Subjective Wellbeing Valuation method

Streamline impact reporting

Avoid having to use multiple systems for reporting. Impactly allows you to include texts, logos, images, graphs and anything else you need to report on your impact.
Social Impact with Impactly
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