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Entrepreneurship as a driver of social impact

Better data collection and impact management resulted in improved impact reporting for Mind Your Own Business

Since 2010, Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) has used entrepreneurship to bring young boys from vulnerable residential areas in Denmark and Greenland closer to education and the labor market - and with great success.

See how we helped Mind Your Own Business better measure and report their social impact

With 940 young boys spread over two programs throughout the country, Mind Your Own Business faces a big task of continuously collecting, analyzing and ultimately reporting on their impact. Beyond that, the boys are often not used to experiencing positive expectations and getting opportunities like those presented with MYOB. This means MYOB has to keep a watchful eye on individual progress to ensure maximum possible impact.

Too much time spent collecting and analysing impact data due to manual data collection and resource-heavy impact management procedures

Streamlining data collection and impact management

Collecting data and managing an organisation’s impact can be time consuming and expensive, especially if the organisation has several interventions with different target audiences.

This was the case for Mind Your Own Business, as they had two interventions with different target audiences, while also needing to survey volunteers and collaborators.

Firstly, we helped MYOB translate their Theory of Change into a measurable data strategy with designated impact metrics, thereby increasing the quality of collected data.

Secondly, we set up a dashboard that allowed them to manage the progress of participants on individual- and group level, while also allowing them to track progress across multiple interventions across the country.

All to ensure optimal impact management.

Streamlining data collection and enabling better impact management

Impact reporting to different stakeholders

In the end, impact reporting is often where it matters. If your organisation wants to attract investors, you need to be able to showcase your impact cleanly and with scientific rigour.

Obviously, this was also the case for MYOB.

Using Impactly enabled them to easily create reports for several stakeholders, while minimising the amount of time spent doing so. Because they had been able to continuously manage their impact and interventions, they could better anticipate what the report would contain and which aspects to focus on.

This meant that they could better showcase their impact and value proposition to stakeholders.

We can prove that what we do has an effect and value for the young people who are part of Mind Your Own Business. Precisely that is important for the future of the organisation and the welfare solutions we want to be a part of in the future,”
Maria Kavita Nielsen, CEO and founder of Mind Your Own Business

Possibility of showing and documenting impact, due real-time dashboards and improved overall impact management

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Maria Kavita Nielsen
Founder and Director
Mind Your Own Business
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