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Social Impact with Impactly
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We prioritise the security of our clients' data. We handle and process data on their behalf, adhering to a strict data processing agreement, and ensuring compliance with applicable and relevant requirements.
Why choose Impactly?

Impactly is designed to make it simple to evaluate social interventions

Impactly is a user-friendly platform for impact measurement and reporting, based on a scientific approach to measuring and valuing social interventions

Measure and register data with a data strategy

  • Set up a data strategy for structured data collection
  • Utilize validated measurement tools (e.g., WHO-5), make your own questionnaires, and use 3 types of registrations
  • Use 'tags' to categorize citizens and filter between subgroups (e.g., residential areas, benefits and diagnosis)
Social Impact with Impactly
Social Impact with Impactly

Follow citizens' progression and share the results

  • Follow citizens' progression individually and on group level
  • Set up a visual dashboard enabling you to share your intervention's results continuously
  • Comply with GDPR and data protection requirements, and anonymize citizen data, if needed

Utilize outcome data for SROI analysis and value reporting

  • Demonstrate the economic value of your intervention with the Social Return on Investment method
  • Showcase the social value for citizens and the budgetary value for authorities
  • Report the socio-economic value distributed among stakeholders
Social Impact with Impactly
Impactly collaborates with leading impact experts, who share our science-backed approach.
Impactly is the technical partner in the projects of ensomhedital.dk and opensocialvaluebank.com
How do we value social intervetions?

We apply analytical methods like Social Return on Investment

We utilize the Social Return on Investment-framework to analyze the social and budgetary value based on the outcome measurement, enabling you to report the socio-economic value of your intervention efficiently and scientifically
Who is Impactly?

Impactly is a mission-driven team of experts and innovators

We are motivated to create lasting change, anchored in technological solutions that make society a better place for the most vulnerable
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