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Make every social impact on people and society count

We enable companies and organisations to measure, manage, and report on the social impact of their social services, impact investments, and ESRS ‘S’ initiatives
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Social Return on Investment (SROI) for impact
Leading social impact creators using Impactly
We prioritise the security of our clients' data. We handle and process data on their behalf, adhering to a strict data processing agreement, and ensuring compliance with applicable and relevant requirements.
Why choose Impactly?

Impactly is made for social impact applying a science-backed approach 

Measure social impact effortlessly, manage your progress with insight, and report your social impact using analytical methods like Social Return on Investment

Measure social impact
easily and efficiently

  • Access validated impact metrics
  • Streamline data collection
  • Anonymize data with a click
Social Impact with Impactly
Social Impact with Impactly

Manage your progress
with intuitive insight

  • Gain insights on individual and group level
  • Continually optimize to improve results
  • Visualise and communicate progress

Report your social impact
using recognised methods

  • Show impact on people and society
  • Comply with result-based contracts
  • Comply with the social factors of ESG
Social Impact with Impactly
Impactly collaborates with leading impact experts, who share our science-backed approach.
Impactly is the technical partner in the projects of ensomhedital.dk and opensocialvaluebank.com
How do we do it?

We combine expertise and scientific rigour with the power of our system, Impactly

Simplify the process of creating a social impact strategy with our experts and apply analytical methods for socio-economic valuation of the outcomes
Who are we?

Driven by impact, powered by technology, devoted to making a positive change

Impactly is a mission-driven team of experts and innovators, who strive to make society a better place by empowering our clients to create lasting social impact
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