Elevate your social impact and ESG reporting

Impactly enables companies at the forefront of change measure and report their social impact, and calculate the Social Return on Investment of ESG-initiatives
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We prioritise the security of our clients' data. We handle and process data on their behalf, adhering to a strict data processing agreement, and ensuring compliance with applicable and relevant requirements.
Social impact reporting for companies

Why Impactly?

We help organisations inform decisions, report,  and manage their social impact. We assist companies in de-mystifying and unwrapping the S in ESG.
Social impact experts
Kickstart your social impact strategy with our social impact specialists to simplify the process of mapping your impact baseline
Scientific rigour
Utilise our scientific rigour on the measurement and reporting of social impact, and Social Return on Investment-framework
Elevate your ESG reporting, not your budget. With Impactly, you’ll get an affordable and time-saving platform for ESG reporting.
Tangible reports
Make your ESG reports and social progress regarding CSRD and ESRS tangible.
Making the complicated tangible

Easing companies’ ESG reporting

De-mystify the “S” in ESGs
Discover relevant ESRS's, utilise our expertise to select appropriate data metrics to measure impact, and start measuring your impact.
Manage ESRS, CSRD and ESG
Follow the progress to understand how your investment creates impact. We handle your data securely, ensuring peace of mind while collecting data.
Present your ESG report
Communicate your results in a tangible ESG report that showcases your social impact to customers, stakeholders and surrounding community.
Methodical frameworks

Utilise our impact expertise

Bringing a methodical framework for impact measurement that will enable companies to elevate their ESG reporting.

We are committed to helping companies report on the social factors of ESG (ESRS):
  • Own workforce
  • Workers in value chain metrics
  • Consumers and end-users metrics
  • Affected communities metrics
Social Impact with Impactly
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Elevate your social impact and ESG reporting
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We offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout the process, from pinpointing ESRS metrics to measuring and reporting your results and value in an ESG-report.