We apply scientific methods for impact measurement and reporting

Get help from our experts to set up an impact strategy based on scientific approaches, and if you want to delve deeper, we help you calculate the socio-economic value of your results through the SROI method.
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We prioritise the security of our clients' data. We handle and process data on their behalf, adhering to a strict data processing agreement, and ensuring compliance with applicable and relevant requirements.

Set up your social impact strategy with our experts

We help you set up a measurable theory of change and data strategy through workshops and dialogue. We provide recommendations on strategy, data collection and anchoring to ensure that you measure and report what is important to your organisation and stakeholders.
Social Impact with Impactly
Impact report with Impactly

We apply recognised methods for valuation

We apply internationally recognized methods like Social Return on Investment and Subjective Wellbeing Valuation to calculate the value of your outcomes

We use social values and budgetary values

We calculate the Social Return on Investment using the Social Economic Investment Model (SØM) for budgetary values and Open Social Value Bank (OSVB) for Danish social values.
SROI impact report from Impactly
Impact report with Impactly

Impactly is made for social impact

Measure social impact effortlessly, manage your progress with insight, and report your social impact using recognised methods.
We offer tailored solutions for

Social interventions, organisations, social impact investors and companies

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Social interventions
We simplify the process of setting up a social impact strategy, enabling social interventions to efficiently measure and report their outcomes an the value of their interventions for people and society
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We help organisations measure their social impact, enabling them to benchmark their interventions and report their social impact to various stakeholders efficiently and with ease
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Social impact investors
We help social impact investors keep track of and document how their investments impact people's lives and the public budgets
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We help companies move their ESG and ESRS endeavors from compliance to contribution by enabling them to measure and document their initiatives' social impact
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