Photo of a worried teenager looking down. Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash.
Folkemødet 2024: Let's put social impact on the agenda
March 6, 2024

Folkemødet is approaching, and we are looking forward to putting social impact on the agenda.

This year we hope to have the opportunity to debate topics such as:

🫂 Social interventions- particularly with a focus on mental wellbeing, housing interventions, along with interventions for education and employment

🤝 Social impact investments

📊 Social impact measurement and documentation

🧮 Social Return on Investment

🔬 Welfare and health technology and investments

🙏 Companies' opportunities to create social impact

🌍 Social impact under ESRS and ESG auspices

🚀 Entrepreneurship - especially social tech and startup management

If you want to talk about similar topics, we are happy to see if we can join forces, and we would be happy to contribute to debates etc. 🚀

If you have ideas or want to collaborate, please write to

Read more about what we bring to Folkemødet

Do you want to collaborate to put social impact on the agenda? We are coming to Folkemødet with a bag full of perspectives on social impact measurement and documentation, Social Return on Investment, wellbeing and social tech.
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CEO, Founder
Rasmus Rifsdal
Director of Impact, Co-Founder
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Head of Communications