Let's put social impact on the agenda at Folkemødet

Once again, Impactly will attend Folkemødet to bring perspectives on social impact measurement and reporting, Social Return on Investment, wellbeing, tech and entrepreneurship.
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What does Impactly bring to Folkemødet?

At Impactly, we want to contribute with insights and perspectives on social impact, tech and entrepreneurship. Below you can see all relevant debate topics.
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Social interventions
Organisations and social interventions need to be able to showcase the value, they create for people and society to ensure longevity
Social investments
"Once we can bring scientific rigour to the measuring of impacts, impact investing flows will scale enormously,"
- Sir Ronald Cohen
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Measuring and reporting
Social impact measuring and reporting needs to be democratised, so that time, ressource or know-how isn't an obstacle
Social Return on Investment
Could more vulnerable people get better help, if we knew the socio-economic value of social interventions?
Yes, we believe so
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Social and health tech
When companies, authorities, foundation and universities work together, we can achieve great things - such as improving mental health
Corporate social impact
Strategic partnerships can see businesses and organisations collaborate on making a lasting social impact for mutual benefit
Fortune favours the brave. With the introduction of ESRS requirements, business have a possibility of going from compliance to impact, if they dare
Can Denmark become the best place to start a business? To do so, we need to address the issues of capital, regulations, diversity and inclusion.
Who you could meet

The team going to Folkemødet 2024

Johan Dubert
CEO, Founder
Rasmus Rifsdal
CFO & Director of Impact, Co-Founder
Daniel Nanni Serop
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Anton Karlsson
Head of Impact, Co-Founder
Jonas thor Straten
Head of Communications
Nina Holst Christensen
Impact Analyst
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