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Why does Recovery Bulls use Impactly to measure the outcomes of their work?
May 20, 2024

Recovery Bulls lost their financing, and realized they had to be able to document their social impact and the value of their intervention to people and society.

Recovery Bulls is a drug- and alcohol-free sports community for vulnerable adult citizens who, among other things, are or have been affected by abuse, mental illness, homelessness, prostitution and other complex social challenges.

Recovery Bulls aims to offer a sports community for a part of the population that is effectively excluded from the general sports community.

Through exercise, community and togetherness, Recovery Bulls creates a path towards a better life with recovery and increased well-being.

But when Recovery Bulls all of a sudden lose a subsidy, founder and CEO Even Ramsland, decides that they need to measure the effect of their interventions in order to prove that Recovery Bulls is not just a social community, it actually has a huge impact on people and society.

To measure the social impact of their intervention, Recovery Bulls uses Impactly, who will also help calculate the socio-economic value of their intervention using the Social Return on Investment-method (SROI).

See why Recovery Bulls uses Impactly to measure outcomes and report the value of their intervention

If you want to hear more about how Impactly can help your organisation measure and report the social impact of your intervention, feel free to reach out to us.
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