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Webinar: What is the social impact of loneliness interventions?
November 15, 2023

Do you work with loneliness interventions? Then join our webinar on Loneliness in Numbers on 11 December, at 15.00

Loneliness in Numbers is a free platform that social service providers, municipalities and foundations can use to calculate the socio-economic value of loneliness interventions.

Behind Loneliness in Numbers are Copenhagen Economics, Economists Without Borders and Impactly, who have developed the tool pro bono, as our contribution to fighting loneliness and supporting the national strategy against loneliness.

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At the webinar you can see:

💻  How you can calculate the socio-economic value of your intervention with Loneliness in Numbers

📊  How you can clarify the value of your intervention for the citizens to stakeholders, decision makers and society in general

🧮  The calculation model, method and sources behind Loneliness in Numbers

🗣️  Finally, there will be an opportunity to ask questions about the platform.​​

Loneliness is a growing problem in Denmark.

Almost 600,000 Danes experience severe loneliness, which is evidence of a massive societal problem. Although funds have been set aside to combat loneliness, it is not nearly enough in relation to the extent of the problem.

Therefore, organizations must be able to show the value of their loneliness efforts, so that decision-makers can see the difference you make to people and society. Because when we put pennies on the change we create, it becomes easier for decision-makers to see both the well-being and financial benefits of investing in loneliness efforts.

Send an email to Anton Karlsson at, if you want to participate in the webinar

Join our webinar on the 11th of December at 15.00, where you learn how you can easily use Loneliness in Numbers to calculate the socio-economic value of your loneliness interventions.
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