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Corolab will use Impactly to measure social impact of education intervention for youths
January 29, 2024

There are roughly 47,000 Danish young people without a youth education, who at a given time are neither employed nor studying. Corolab aims to change this by empowering young people to enrol or complete an education, and they have chosen Impactly to measure the social impact of the intervention.

When 47.000 Danish young people between the ages of 16 and 24 don’t study or are unemployed, it means businesses have a hard time recruiting the right skills. This affects our productivity and economy.

Therefore, Corolab has initiated UMAGE in close collaboration with Boligselskabet Sjælland. A strategic partnership aimed at increasing young people’s motivation and self-efficacy in order to empower them to enrol or complete a vocational education or go straight into employment - and thereby ensure a larger skilled and qualified workforce for our society.

“We are committed to transforming the lives of the youth by bridging the gap between untapped potential and societal needs. Through UMAGE the business community acts as a springboard for the youth, fostering engagement in meaningful interest and work communities, which leads to increased networking, motivation, and well-being,” says Karolina E. Osipowska, DIrector of Corolab.

Corolab has chosen to use Impactly to measure and manage their social impact and the participants’ progress over the next year.

“Impactly is providing us with the insights and evidence to ensure that our efforts are as effective as they are heartfelt. Together, we are not just changing individual lives; we are strengthening the fabric of our society and economy, one young person at a time,” Karolina concludes.

"We believe that social impact should be visible, measurable, and meaningful. With the UMAGE project, we will enable Corolab to measure and monitor their intervention’s impact on-goingly, and we look forward to seeing how the use of quantified data can help them create lasting social impact," says Johan Dubert, CEO and founder of Impactly.

The UMAGE project aims to motivate and support young individuals to initiate and complete vocational education or enter the employment market directly, ultimately increasing the number of skilled workers. Impactly will play a crucial role in providing the necessary tools to measure and evaluate the social and socioeconomic outcomes of the project.

This partnership will not only help document the impact of the initiative but also highlight the significant value it creates for both the involved youths and society at large," Johan concludes.

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The UMAGE project is a strategic partnership between Boligselskabet Sjælland, Region Sjælland, Jobplaneten, Roskilde Tekniske Skole, ZBC, Hf og VUC Roskilde og Køge, CLAVIS, FGU Nordsjælland, FGU-Skolen Øst, Roskilde Universitet, INSP, and numerous companies.

The project is a pilot project incl. follow-up research with a view to subsequently further development and scaling of the methods that work.

There will be 40-50 participating young people aged 15 to 30, and the project lasts until December 2024.

Region Sjælland has provided a subsidy of DKK 1.5 million. DKK from regional development funds.

Corolab has chosen to use Impactly to measure and manage the social impact of their project UMAGE and the participants’ progress over the next year.
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