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Impactly partners with Deloitte to drive impact exellence
November 2, 2023

Did you know that social impact benefits more than people?

Socially responsible companies generate greater revenue growth and have easier access to capital and talent.

Our economy rests on a social foundation. The new ESRS legislation is strong proof of this. It is not only the green agenda for which companies must set ambitious goals. They must now also work actively with the human agenda.

Impactly supports companies and documents their positive impact on people 🧡

Today, we held our first Impact Roundtable together with Deloitte, where several large Danish companies, such as Demant and First North, participated to discuss how they work strategically with their social agenda.

We help companies to build a bridge between social impact and the core business. Do you need more knowledge about how you can create an impact strategy that sets you up for driving positive impact on the S?

If you want to hear more about our collaboration, you are welcome to write to either Majbritt Skov or Impactly's CEO, Johan Dubert at

Impactly and Deloitte have partnered to help organisations take their ESG-compliance to impact excellence by providing insights on how to measure and report their impact in an ESRS and ESG context
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