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Accelerace Investor Day 2023
September 2, 2023

Thank you so much, Accelerace!

Yesterday, our founder Johan Dubert and co-founder Rasmus Rifsdal attended Acceleraces Investor Day 2023, where they, along with other promising startups, had the opportunity to pitch for and talk to venture funds and investors. Among other things, we talked to the venture funds about how big prospects we see in companies having to report on ESG soon, and especially social impact. Here, the S has long been overshadowed by the E.

Most companies have invested in the green transition for several years, but for many, the S is a tough nut to crack, because the values to measure can seem less tangible and more diffuse. Our goal is for Impactly to help make it easier to crack the nut to the S, so that more companies can easily and quickly pull data, monitor their social initiatives and report their social impact.

We had a lot of good dialogues about this with investors, and we got new inputs and perspectives that we will take forward. Thank you for a great day to all investors and companies who participated, and huge thanks to Accelerace for inviting us back this year.

Johan Dubert and Rasmus Rifsdal from Impactly attended Accelerates Investor Day 2023 alongside other promising startups and had the opportunity to pitch and talk to venture funds and investors. A big focus was on ESG, where the S has been a tough nut to crack whilst the E had gotten a lot more focus in recent years. We received a lot of great input and made many new good connections with people in the industry.
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